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About me

For eleven years now, I’ve continuously come back to one common factor that separates the art of my photography from mainstream. Emotion. Yes, that is it. A much-needed aspect for creating amazing portraiture but it doesn’t always come natural to everyone. Those who say they aren’t photogenic or better yet ask me, “Did I break your camera”? So silly, challenge gladly accepted! If we are not engaged in an event with enjoyable distractions or emotional charges, I definitely have my ways of creating a genuine experience for you. This is an art form and my deepest passion, failure isn’t an option.


So, a little more about me when I’m not hidden behind my black box. My name is Shawnna and I have two stunning children who are the absolute light of my life. However, they know that my camera is the baby! The travel bug has hit me hard in the past ten years and I crave exploring new destinations. Researching family genealogy and discovering new digital editing techniques is always my idea of a good time. I am a self-proclaimed business nerd, although I’m sure most that know me can attest to this. 


Ultimately, I want to go through this very short life we all have on earth knowing that I was (mostly) a good human-being. Raised my babies to the best of my ability, absorbed all the knowledge I could possibly get my hands on and finally make a positive impact in others’ lives if possible. The amount of gratitude I wish I can convey to my past clients, well…there simply aren’t enough words. It actually brings me to tears to think of all of the greatness I’ve been blessed with thanks to them. To all of my potential clients who have successfully read to this point, thank you...I’m a talker! Chances are, we’re going to have a pretty wonderful time at your next shoot and I can’t wait to capture those forever memories. 

-Make today great <3

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